Working together towards a European Open Science Cloud - TNC17, Linz, Austria

Working together towards a European Open Science Cloud - TNC17, Linz, Austria
31 May 2017

Working together towards a European Open Science Cloud - TNC17, Linz, Austria


In the context of TNC17 - the Art of Creative Networking - a dedicated session on the European Open Science Cloud will set up a discussion with three exponents of the open data domain, arise from a set of these key questions: What do researchers and research support providers really need? What are the key factors towards the realization of the European Open Science Cloud?

Speakers & Sessions

  1. Ecosystem for Digital Data Preservation - Raman Gaguly, leader of the Software Design and Development Department at the Vienna University Computer Center (ZID): This session will illustrate three main paths for key players in order to achieve the best settings for successful academic networks. The first example will show a complex digital ecosystem which offers an infrastructures for research data management.
  2. The Art of Creative Networking, reloaded. Subtitle: Factors for Successful Networks - Paolo Budroni, Austrian National Delegate to the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG):
    The second presentation will focus on the demands for solid research data management fulfilled in a genuine cooperative frame. These result from a national survey which was conducted at all Austrian Universities and shows the current status of the "Use Case Austria". For the first time, the status quo of domestic data management across all disciplines is presented.
  3. Collaboration of Catalan Universities - Ignasi Lebastida, head of the Research Unit and the Office for the Dissemitation of Knowledge at the CRAI (Learning and Research Resource Center) of the Universitat de Barcelona ( The third presentation provides insights into an existing network of Catalan research institutions and focuses on soft skills required for the implementation of the above mentioned settings. These are: research data management policies and the related key performance indicators.

Chair: Peter Szegedi, GÉANT

Save the Date: 31 May, 14.00-15:30

About TNC: the largest European research networking conference, organised by GÉANT, bringing together every year more than 650 participants with different skills and roles, coming mainly from the research organisations, universities and industry. 

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