Building a European Policy Framework

29 Nov 2017

Building a European Policy Framework

Chair Name and Organisation
Prodromos Tsiavos, Athena Research Centre


Description of the session

Objective of this section is to provide the key constituent parts of the European Policy landscape related to Open Science, and to assess the ways in which such Policy is expressed in the policies of different stakeholders, namely Research Performing Organisations, Funders, Policy Makers and Service Providers. In addition, this workshop aims at appreciating the manner in which the academic community, the industry and citizens involved in science activities relate and engage with such policies.


These policies are to be set within the context of the EOSC declaration, i.e. a set of aims and principles as to how the European Open Science Cloud will operate within the European Research Area. In addition, they will be related to other major European policy modules, such as the Digital Single Market Policies, Smart Specialization Policies and the European Research Area Policies. More specific policy areas, such as Intellectual Property Rights, Data Protection, Ethics (including Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Ethics), Procurement, Industry 4.0, Special Regimes of Information (e.g. Public Sector Information, Geodata, Statistical Data etc) and Interoperability (e.g. European Interoperability Framework) are also examined.


The approach adopted in all these cases is one that seeks to identify the policy elements supporting the most frictionless flow of information and Fair, Reasonable, And Non Discriminatory Access to it. These “5th Freedom” policies, i.e. policies facilitating the free flow of data across the European Union, while respecting the rights of different stakeholders and individuals should be the focal point of the European Policy Landscape we are exploring and identifying in the EOSCpilot context.  Striking the appropriate balance both at the level of policy making and at the level of the respective institutions providing the services and content that make this seamless flow of information possible is what we seek to identify in our workshop.


EOSCpilot has already completed a first version of a landscape review of the relevant policies both in macro and micro level, and is conducting workshops in order to get feedback on its original findings. The policy landscape review will be made available to the participants in advance in order to give them a starting point of discussion. It will also be complemented with a mini compendium of mini-policies per stakeholder type (e.g. Research Performing Organisation, Policy Maker etc). These documents will form a base of minimum common understanding so that the participants may engage in a meaningful dialogue with regards to the best policy options, as well as with regards to the main barriers and drivers for this free flow of information and seamless access to EOSC services across Europe.


Participants to the workshop will have the opportunity to identify barriers and drivers with regards to Open Science policies, explore key policies in their area of interest and work on model policies for the institutions they come from. More specifically, the key take-aways from this session will be as follows:

  • A concise understanding of the policy landscape at the European Level with a focus on the free flow of data/ information and seamless access to services.
  • An understanding of the rights and interests of different stakeholders and of the mechanisms of engagement that allow them to interact and support the free flow of data and provision of services.
  • An overview of key policy documents (e.g. IPR, Data Protection, Open Science Policies, Codes of Conduct regarding ethics etc).
  • An identification of the key perceived drivers and constraints regarding the adoption and implementation of specific policy elements.


Participants will have to provide a minimum set of information regarding their institution and background in advance in order to be able to tailor the workshop to the needs of the participants and also provide more focused information and feedback.


Focus of the session

  1. What are the key EOSC related policies facilitating the free flow of information and seamless provision of services across Europe?
  2. What are the key parts of a policy document related to Open Science in the EOSC context?
  3. How can we facilitate the participation of additional and more diverse stakeholders, particularly the industry, the public sector and citizens, in the European Open Science Cloud?

Keywords of the session
Open Science; Policy and Policies; Intellectual Property Rights; Data Protection; Ethics; Legal Interoperability; Licensing


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