External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board (EAB) advises EOSCpilot on all aspects of the project, providing input on how the project fits in the broader landscape of initiatives related to the EOSC, for example, to ensure that outputs do not duplicate other initiatives but rather fit into identified gaps in provision, and how the outputs of the project could interact with other initiatives, infrastructures and services in Europe and beyond.

The EAB held its first meeting on 29th November 2017 in Brussels immediately following the first EOSC Stakeholders Forum. Discussion was focused around the following four questions:

  1. What do research communities need from an “Open Data Science Environment”?
  2. How can EOSC deliver integrated services that are relevant to community needs?
  3. What changes are needed in capability and practices?
  4. How should provision be overseen to maximize benefit?

The Report of first EOSCpilot External Advisory Board meeting summarises the discussion and highlights a number of recommendations that arose from it.


  Title Name Surname Organisation

Prof. Ron Appel

Prof. Ron Appel Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Dr. Lidia Borrel-Damian

Dr. Lidia Borrell-Damian EUA European University Association

Bennie Fanaroff

Dr. Bernie Fanaroff Former Director SKA South Africa

Dr. Francoise Genova

Dr. Francoise Genova Research Data Alliance

Prof. Robert Grossman

Prof. Bob Grossman Genomic data commons

Prof. Tony Hey

Prof. Tony Hey UK e-Infrastructure Leadership Council

Dr. Simon Hodson

Dr. Simon Hodson CODATA

Prof. Frank Jenko

Prof. Frank Jenko Max Plank Institute Plasma Physics

Dr. Kate Keahey

Dr. Kate Keahey Argonne National Laboratory

Dr. Robert Kiley

Dr. Robert Kiley Wellcome Trust

Prof. Karel Luyben

Prof. Karel Luyben U Delft

Prof. Daphne Raban University of Haifa

Prof. Herbert van de Sompel

Prof. Herbert van de Sompel Los Alamos National Lab

Dr. Ross Wilkinson

Dr. Ross Wilkinson Australian National Data Service

Prof. John Womersley

Prof. John Womersley European Spallation Source (ESS)


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