EOSCpilot Delivers Final EOSC Architecture Recommendation

EOSCpilot Delivers Final EOSC Architecture Recommendation
22 May 2019

EOSCpilot Delivers Final EOSC Architecture Recommendation

22 May 2019

Earlier this month, EOSCpilot delivered its pioneering work on what the European Open Science Cloud's (EOSC) architecture should look like on its full implementation.

Deliverable 6.8 - Final EOSC Architecture, produced by the EOSCpilot, aims to refine the architectural design for the interoperation of various types of infrastructures, which could be part of the future EOSC.

It presents an e-infrastructure gap analysis and proposes and e-infrastructure interoperability architecture. It is important to note that this deliverable is about the infrastructure interoperability, and not about services or data interoperability.

EOSC architecture gaps identified

The report presents six gaps preventing exploitation and usage of existing e-infrastructures and distributed resources together with the main bridges to be built.

Gap 1: Diversity and incompability of AAIs

Gap 2: Network services

Gap 3: Diversity of services and providers

Gap 4: Diversity of access policies

Gap 5: Low awareness of e-infrastructures and services

Gap 6: Lack of expertise, training, easy tools, human networks

In order to increase infrastructure operability, six sets of recommendations have been identified.

Ensuring permanent and persistent interoperability of e-infrastructures is challenging, however, it is possible to identify the key elements and/or concepts important for e-infrastructure interoperability.

Interoperability can be guaranteed through a sets of conditions that are outlined in this report.

Take a deeper look into what the architecture of EOSC should be. Access the Final EOSC Architecture report now!