RDA Europe 4

What is RDA role in EOSC? Here a brief description of the main challenges. Sara Garavelli from Trust-It Services is the coordinator for RDA Europe 4.



University of Turin - Open Access Office

EOSC is a great synergy tool that makes possible for researcher to be listened. Elena Giglia works at the University of Turin and she is head of the Open Access Office.




From a GO FAIR prospective, EOSC is the European contribution to a global open science environment where people can reuse each other's data and services. Barend Mons is the Scientific Director of the GO FAIR international support and coordination office.



EGI Foundation

What is the mission of EOSC-Hub? Tiziana Ferrari, EGI Technical Director and EOSC-Hub Project Coorditantor Manager gives us an overview of the project and its main outputs.


ASTRON Radio Observatory

EOSC is a tool for creating an interesting environment that helps the integration of softwares with different providers. Hanno Holties is a system engineer for ASTRON Radio Observatory.



Sofia University

Supporting and building the Bulgarian Science Cloud and offering resources to the European Open Science Cloud. Krassen Stefanov is professor at Sofia University and also national coordinator for introduction and communication technologies in different areas of societies.



The Astronomical Virtual Observatory

What do we want to get from EOSC? Is a way to interface the existing established framework called The Astronomical Virtual Observatory. Francoise Genova works at Strasburg Astronomical Observatory.



Lancom LTD Greece

For Cloud Service is very important to understand the needs of the science community. George Nolis is the CEO for Lancom LTD Greece, a Service Provider and local stakeholder.



EOSCpilot in the EOSC

It's the first EOSC-branded project. Find out more about the important role EOSCpilot plays in the realisation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) in this general introductory video about the project.


EOSC Stakeholders Forum 2018

The European Open Science Cloud Stakeholders Forum will be held in Vienna, Austria from 21-22 November 2018. The event will have a crucial role in the implementation of the EOSC work plan. Building on the challenges faced and the outcomes of the fifteen Science Demonstrators within EOSCpilot, the Stakeholders Forum is a way of further building on the results around the EOSC Governance Model and Architecture and the Rules of Participation.