A Community-empowered EOSC

21 Nov 2018

A Community-empowered EOSC

The Second EOSCpilot Stakeholders Forum

The EOSC Stakeholder Forum

The EOSCpilot project’s second and final EOSC Stakeholders Forum will be held on 21-22 November 2018 at the Austria Center Vienna.

The event will have a crucial role in the implementation of the EOSC work plan. Building on the challenges faced and the outcomes of the fifteen Science Demonstrators within EOSCpilot, the Stakeholders Forum is a way of further building on the results around the EOSC Governance Model and Architecture and the Rules of Participation.

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EOSCpilot Brief  

A packed and interactive agenda

With an intense programme of plenary and interactive sessions, the two-day Stakeholders Forum event will let you discover the advancements towards developing the EOSC and about Open Science in Europe.

The event is key to create a cross-border and multi-disciplinary open innovation environment for research and to contribute to the shaping of the ‘Rules of participation’ for users and service providers of the EOSC.

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Who can benefit from the EOSC Stakeholder Forum?

This workshop is meant for all players in the EOSC ecosystem who aim to actively in forming the EOSC Working Groups:

  • Research-producing Organisations
  • Learned Societies, Research Communities, Scientific and Professional Association
  • Academic Institutions and Research Libraries
  • Service Providers
  • Research Infrastructures
  • E-infrastructures, VREs and other H2020 projects
  • Research Funding Bodies
  • National, Regional or Local Government Agencies
  • Enterprises
  • General Public
  EOSC stakeholders


Open Science Fair, 6-8 September 2017, Athens  

Actual Scientific Demonstrations

The aim of the EOSCpilot Science Demonstrators is to show the relevance and usefulness of the EOSC Services and their enabling of data reuse, to drive the EOSC development.

Let’s find out how 15 Science Demonstrators are implementing Open Science Cloud ideas like knowledge extraction and improving studies about reproducibility, reusability, interoperability.

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