Cross disciplinary Pan European Research

28 Nov 2017

Cross disciplinary Pan European Research

Chair Name and Organisation
Nick Ferguson, Trust-IT Services

Panellists Names and Organisation

  • Johannes Keizer, eROSA project
  • Nanda Piersma, Professor on Urban Analytics at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • Ronald Stolk, Center for Information Technology of the University of Groningen (Director) and connected to the University Medical Center Groningen

Description of the session

The objective of this session is to address the following two points from the EOSC Declaration:    

  • [User needs] Users should see the EOSC as a one-stop-shop to find, access, and use research data and services from multiple disciplines and platforms. Services and functionalities shall be user driven and determined by clear use cases. Intermediary users and other brokers of end-users' demand – IT departments, umbrella associations, community networks – should assist data scientists and ICT specialists in the identification of key requirements for EOSC services.
  • [Thematic areas] The EOSC shall promote the co-ordination and progressive federation of open data infrastructures developed in specific thematic areas (e.g. health, environment, food, marine, social sciences, transport). The EOSC will implement a common reference scheme to ensure FAIR data uptake and compliance by national and European data providers in all disciplines.

This session will gather representatives from various thematic infrastructures and research disciplines. A special focus will be placed on those disciplines not represented by the Science Demonstrators and on long tail research data disciplines. Serving their data needs is challenging and this session will look for common and clear use cases to federate developments and ease cross-discipline collaborations.

EOSCpilot is piloting EOSC use cases through Science Demonstrators to feed the EOSC roadmap, and this session will help completing the picture of its recommendations, and will enrich the developments of the next Science Demonstrator wave.


Focus of the session

  1. What are the key requirements and main use cases for EOSC services to serve long tail research data users?
  2. Referring to the Thematic Areas point of the EOSC declaration, in your opinion, what should the structure and components of the EOSC “common reference scheme” be?
  3. Questions to research communities: What will the impact of Open Science be in your specific field? What would you develop first in the one-stop-shop for your discipline and Open Science?


    Keywords of the session
    Long tail research data, cross border collaboration, disciplinary market place, user needs, roadmap.