D3.6: Final Policy Recommendations

06 Feb 2019

D3.6: Final Policy Recommendations

This deliverable presents a roadmap of practical policy actions to gradually establish the policy environment required for the effective operation of, access to and use of the European Open Science Cloud, creating an Ethical, Open, Secure and Cost-effective EOSC.


The roadmap consists of an overall policy proposition and a set of nine high-level policy recommendations with 37 implementing actions, derived from the draft policy recommendations presented in deliverable D3.3 following stakeholder consultation. The proposed actions are categorised, discussed and set against a timeline. The proposals include suggestions for several EOSC governance subcommittees, and for some Policy Supporting Services to be included as EOSC core services.


This document is in the process of being approved by the European Commission.


- Status: Submitted to the European Commission

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