D5.3: EOSC Federated Service Management Framework

04 Jul 2018

D5.3: EOSC Federated Service Management Framework

The objective of this deliverable is to lay out the foundation of a common service management framework for all the services that are being provided under EOSC umbrella. The task of bringing together all meaningful services into a common, federated framework is far from being trivial as services tend to be very heterogeneous and to be managed very differently, following different service management practices and standards, as highlighted previously in D5.2 EOSC Service Portfolio.

In this deliverable, we propose a flexible approach allowing for several levels of service management maturity, which would apply to different services, sometime pertaining to the same federation. Section 2 describes three models or “scenarios” for organizing service management. Section 3 discusses service management policies, while section 3 describes the relevant service management processes which will have to be put in place and /or federated.


- Status: Submitted to the European Commission

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