D7.3: Skills and Capability Framework

06 Jul 2018

D7.3: Skills and Capability Framework

The report offers a Framework to help organisations to plan the professional development of their staff, as EOSC service operators or users, and for any individual to identify competences and learning materials that match the capabilities they need. It provides a set of core competences for data stewardship, relating topics to recommended expertise levels for researchers and the professional groups that support them. The Framework also offers examples of capability and competence statements, focusing these on skills areas that we have identified as gaps for stakeholders.

The Framework provides an approach to describing similar competence and capability statements that will be of continued use as EOSC services evolve. It is of use to service operators and others with an interest in skills development. Conclusions are provided about the need to consult further on Research Infrastructure and other stakeholder expectations about the role of the Skills Framework in scoping and supporting the generic skills needed to enable the EOSC. This consultation is planned with EOSCpilot partners and Research Infrastructure training coordinators to inform the final recommendations of WP7.


- Status: Submitted to the European Commission

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