D7.5: Strategy for Sustainable Development of Skills and Capabilities

07 May 2019

D7.5: Strategy for Sustainable Development of Skills and Capabilities

This report summarises the outcomes, recommendations and conclusions of the EOSCpilot WP7 on Skills and Capability. The emerging EOSC ecosystem provides the context for a focus on developing the data stewardship skills of researchers and professional groups supporting research, including data stewards themselves. The report sets these against the broader landscape, with a brief recap and update of related skills initiatives. It then offers a strategy comprising two main aspects.

The first is a skills and capability framework (FAIR4S), which revises that previously published in D7.3: Skills and Capability Framework, following consultation and test applications of the framework. The second aspect is a model for ‘training as a service’, which is accompanied by an assessment of models for implementing a registry of learning resources, which is a key part of the TaaS model.

Finally, the report offers recommendations on actions for stakeholders and draws conclusions from the work undertaken. Annexes to the report provide details of the FAIR4S framework and supporting information for the comparison of learning resource registry models.


- Status: Submitted to the European Commission

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