EOSCpilot Insider #5 - Internal News Bulletin

22 Jan 2018

EOSCpilot Insider #5 - Internal News Bulletin

This week internal newsletter provides updates on activities carried out by WP1, WP3, WP4, WP5 & WP8. An update of the ongoing work on Deliverables, Science Demonstrators, Communication and Website management is given. Ongoing work regarding two major events, Plenary meeting in Pisa and Mid-term Review, is also presented.

WP1 - Management

  • EOSC Plenary Meeting – 8-9 March, Pisa
    • Currently being planned by coordinator and WP leaders and will be confirmed shortly.
    • Science demonstrators will be a horizontal theme running through the sessions as interaction and participation from the demonstrators is key for Y2 activities. Each demonstrator will be represented at the event.
    • Registration to be open shortly.
  • Y1 Review 12 March, Brussels.
    • WP and partner reporting underway with a meeting between WP leaders during the Plenary meeting in Pisa. WP leaders will be attending the review.

WP3 - Policy

  • Deliverable D3.1 (Policy Landscape Review) was completed during w/c 8 Jan and has been submitted to the EC.
  • Work is continuing towards Deliverable D3.2 (Specifications for an Open Science Monitor, due end of February) moving from the recommendations in D3.1 to identifying high-level goals (policy aspects) the OSM should monitor, for use as a base for mapping to metrics; and identifying relevant metrics and mapping them to OS resources (i.e. research artefacts, open educational resources, processes enhancing open collaboration, etc); definitions of the OS Monitor, Policy Registry and Toolkit have been developed in collaboration with WP5 for the needs of D5.1 (The European Open Science Cloud Architecture: Anatomy and Physiology, to be submitted soon).
  • A plan for the work to produce Deliverable D3.3 (Draft Policy Recommendations, due end of April) has been produced and discussed. Building on the work of D3.1, a draft shortlist of priority policy issues is in the process of being identified within Task 3.1 for validation in interviews with Policy Experts in the coming weeks.
  • Work has also begun to define and scope the Open Science Registry and Toolkit, Deliverables for which are due later this year.

WP4 - Science Demonstrators

  • Workplans of new Science Demonstrators have been uploaded to the WP4 repository.
  • Deliverable D4.3 Finalized version delivered on Dec 13
  • Template for final reports of SDs: Template version from Dec 14 has been provided to finished SDs DPHEP/WLCG and TextCrowd to be provided back by end of Jan. After feedback from TextCrowd some formulations have been clarified in a revised template from Jan 9, (stored in the repository) and sent back to TextCrowd.
  • Additional interim report will be asked from not yet finished first SDs PanCancer, Photon&Neutron and ERFI.

WP5 - Services

  • WP5 Managements. Setting up a new (regular) schedule of WP5 task lead meetings. Doodle in progress. First meeting will address:
    • Contributions of WP5, requirements of WP5, interactions with other WPs at the EOSCpilot plenary meeting (notably WP4 and WP6).
    • Contents and work plan of upcoming deliverable D5.3 'Federated service management' - produce work plan for deliverables that are due end of the year.
    • Planning a f2f workshop in May (focus input for D5.3:Federated service management).
  • 5.1 Architecture. Deliverable D5.1 send to the external reviewers. Awaiting response until 24.1 Planned date for sending to PO is 26.1.
  • 5.2 Service Portfolio Management. Deliverable D5.2 has been sent to PO (and presumably was uploaded to the EC).
  • 5.3 Federated services management. In progress. See also planned meeting above.
  • 5.4 Service pilots. All 15 demonstrators, from three rounds, selected and are in progress.
    • First round of demonstrators: 2 are working on final report (using the template), others have successfully started to use services and are now extending their use.
    • Second round of demonstrators: all busy preparing to use services and investigating how to integrate the external services with existing procedures. Contact with service providers established.
    • Third round of demonstrators: sketching requirements and first initial tests for later deployment.

WP8 - Engagement and Communication

  • Revision of stakeholder strategy for Y2.
  • Public newsletter - New timetable for monthly newsletters promoting Y1 results, main topics and demonstrators.
  • Revisions on website so that Y1 results, recommendations and deliverables are more visible:
  • First new section to be published week of 22 Jan on Governance to support workshops at EUDAT.
  • New Science Demonstrators to be added to website week of 22 Jan.
  • TEXTCROWD demo to be included in the website.