Intermediaries, Research communities & Libraries

28 Nov 2017

Intermediaries, Research communities & Libraries

Session organiser: Valentino Cavalli, LIBER



The aim of this breakout session it to engage participants by letting them interact as much as possible with each other. After a short introduction the Chair will explain the format of the session and ask participants to form a number of small discussion groups. Each group will be composed of 5-8 people and will have to self-appoint a moderator and a note taker. At the end of the session each group rapporteur will be asked to briefly report back to the session participants.



Introduction – Valentino Cavalli (EOSCpilot/LIBER) – 15 mins

Questions for breakout tables - 60 mins

All groups will be invited to discuss the same questions one by one.

Wrap-up - Presentation of key points from each group - 15 mins


Focus of the session:

  1. EOSC Vision. What is the EOSC for you?
    • Name three characteristics of the EOSC that will make the difference from what is available today
    • How open should the EOSC be? How will the EOSC support multidisciplinary research? What should be done to enable this.
  2. The EOSC will create an environment for researchers to be most effective in publication, dissemination, long-term preservation and reuse of all types of research results. Making these optimally suitable for FAIR is a key element of the EOSC. How do you see your role as users/enablers in fostering the uptake of the FAIR principles in your environment?
  3. Can you think about effective alternatives to the current evaluation and reward systems and how would you see your role as users/enablers in advocating for the establishment of alternative incentives?
  4. How do you see the role of your organisation/institution in promoting and supporting the EOSC take up?


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