Matthew Dovey

24 Sep 2018

Matthew Dovey

About speaker - Title and Organisation: 
Head of e-Infrastructure Strategy, JISC

Matthew J. Dovey works at Jisc, the UK's expert organisation in the use of digital technologies for education and research, as Head of e-Infrastructure Strategy. He oversees work within Jisc Strategic Technologies to develop digital infrastructure services which support and enhance aspects of the research lifecycle – from discovery of information and data, to data analysis and manipulation, and collaboration and research impact and dissemination. Jisc is a beneficiary in the EOSCPilot project working on governance frameworks, policies, data interoperability and identity management.

Previously, Matthew was Technical Manager at the Oxford University e-Science Centre, where he advised scientific research projects based on WebService and GridService architectures. Prior to this, he worked for the Oxford University Library Services, implementing numerous library and digital library technologies and projects on preservation of digital material, and conducted research on music information retrieval at Kings College London.

Matthew is the chair of the Executive Board and Council for and a member of the newly formed EUDAT CDI Council. He is also a member of the UK Cabinet Office Open Standards Board and the Software Sustainability Institute Advisory Board.

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