Session 1 on Life Sciences

21 Nov 2018

Session 1 on Life Sciences

Chair Name and Organisation


Science Demonstrators


Pan-Cancer Analyses – Portable Federated Cloud-based Solution
EGA – FAIR Genomic Datasets
CryoEM – Life Science Data Workflows
Genome Mining – Bioimaging for human gene function
Photon-Neutron – Virtual Platform 


Description of the session


The main focus of Science Demonstrator sessions is to provide feedback to the EOSC community on the first experience of science demonstrators in the practical use of the emerging EOSC ecosystem.

Each panel will consist of a representative of a Science Demonstrator that will provide an overview of their experiences in the use of emerging EOSC services.

These sessions will help members of the scientific communities understanding the current state of maturity of the EOSC ecosystem and what is obtainable in a field of scientific research. It is also valuable to prospective Service Providers who wish to discover what are the challenges and opportunities that user communities might have to deal with, as a result of the adoption of their services.

This session will focus on Life Science.



  • Introduction to the session by the chair  
  • Short presentations of the participating SDs
  • Panel discussion: "panelists" will be the presenters of the SDs. Starting with some questions targeted at the SDs, we will try to have a lively discussions including the audience.



Presentation Files