Stakeholders' view on EOSC Service Portfolio Management

29 Nov 2017

Stakeholders' view on EOSC Service Portfolio Management

Chair Name and Organisation

Jan Bot, SURFSara


Description of the session

According to the EOSC Declaration:

  • Users should see the EOSC as a one-stop-shop to find, access, and use research data and services from multiple disciplines and platforms. Services and functionalities shall be user driven and determined by clear use cases.
  • Resources, components and initiatives of pan-European relevance will be federated on the basis of objective criteria, agreed by stakeholder-driven governance, such as organisational readiness and technical capacity to deliver EOSC main functionalities: provision of core common services, certification activities.
  • Services will be offered at highest Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) and kept future-proof based on a cutting-edge cloud based environment. In order to avoid lock-in by individual service providers, the EOSC should foster fair competition of public, PPP and private providers on clear value propositions of highly professional services.
  • The EOSC shall support the whole research lifecycle by strong development at platform level that facilitate the provision of a wide set of software, infrastructure, protocols, methods, incentives, training, services.

Building on these principles, the session provides the EOSC stakeholders the opportunity to contribute to the definition of the policy and activities for service portfolio management, the process responsible for defining and maintaining a service portfolio (the internal list that details all the services offered by a service provider, including those in preparation, live and discontinued ), for managing the design and transition of new or changed services, and for managing the organizational structure involved in delivering services.

Input provided during the session will be instrumental to define the principles and requirements that services will have to adhere to in order to be provided in the EOSC.


Focus of the session

  • The service portfolio needs to be driven by user’s needs. How can the EOSC governance be structured in order to ensure adequate representation of users and active participation in the service portfolio management in EOSC?
  • What criteria should services of the EOSC meet in order to be part of the service portfolio?
  • How can certification be organized to ensure that services of the EOSC service portfolio meet a list of community-defined requirements?


Keywords of the session

EOSC services; EOSC resources; service portfolio management