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28 Feb 2018


This week's internal newsletter provides updates on activities carried out by WP4, WP5, WP6 & WP8. Topics covered include an update of the ongoing work on Deliverables, the Plenary meeting in Pisa and Mid-term Review as well as Communication and Website management.

WP4 - Science Demonstrators

  • Monthly WP4 meeting with Science Demonstrators and shepherds held on Feb 21 ( previous meeting was on Jan 17): Status, Pisa meeting and reports
  • Collecting 8M, pre-final and final reports from Science Demonstrators in the EOSCpilot repository (WP4). Received until now: 2 x final (TextCrowd and DPHEP) 2 x pre-final (PanCancer, PhotonNeutron) 4 x 8M (ERFI, LOFAR, Life Science Data sets, PROMINENCE)
  • EPOS/VERCE prolonging by 3 months without add. resources (shepherd agreed)
  • Preparing for review meeting and Pisa AHM

WP5 - Services

  • Preparation of the Pisa meting and Brussels review.
  • The WP5 task leads had a one day workshop on 21.2 to discuss:
    • Workplans for 2018
    • Common vision i.c. strategy for WP5
    • Finalize input and agenda for the meeting in Pisa next week
    • We have tentatively set 2 days in May for a WP5 all hands meeting to be combined with a one day service provider workshops (DoW requirement).

WP6 - EOSC Interoperability

  • D6.4 passed review process and has been finalised
  • WP6 telecon on February 19: preparation Pisa meeting, planning for WP5/6 workshop before summer, outline of activities in 2018
  • We aim to have hand-ons working session for each data interoperability demonstrator in Pisa
  • There will be also a technical session aiming at extending the capabilities to demonstrate technological interoperability on a wider scale inside EOSCpilot (workflows / distributed storage, …)
  • Peer review publication about the outcome of 6.2. We have a draft we will share soon (this week if we can) with WP6, contributors and the Exec.
  • We have a preliminary project plan for the data interoperability demonstrators defining leadership, tasks, responsibilities and timelines.
  • Working on getting data interoperability activities better described on the website in collaboration with comms WP.

WP8 - Engagement and Communication

  • Website: new sections under Themes
  • Website: integrated a dedicated section on the website related to EOSC including description for the EOSChub, OpenAireAdvance, e-InfraCentra and FREYA
  • Preparing the sessions for the upcoming All Hands Meeting in Pisa:
    • Stakeholder engagement activities (Parallel C) chaired by WP2 (Manolis Terrovitis, Philippe Segers) supported by Valentino Cavalli
    • FAQs (Parallel A): still under discussion
    • Cross WP engagement (Parallel B) chaired by Ilaria Fava (UGOE), supported by DANS (Cees Hof, Elly Dijk)
  • EOSC FAQs: working with the other WPs on FAQ definition; looking for questions received through twitter during EOSC Stakeholder forum
  • Social Media: 84 tweets and 4 linkedin posts published in the last three weeks
  • Newsletter: 2 internal newsletters and 2 external newsletters published in the last three weeks
  • The workshop “How Research Institutions and Libraries can help deliver the European Open Science Cloud” organised by WP8 was held at IDCC in Barcelona last week. The event was well attended with strong representation from libraries and research institutions. Participants engaged actively in the discussion of policy action recommendations for funders and national agencies, managers of research libraries and managers of institution research departments. This will be input to a follow up workshop for intermediaries and funders scheduled on 4 July 2018 at the LIBER Conference in Lille.