EOSCpilot Insider #9 - Internal News Bulletin

02 May 2018

EOSCpilot Insider #9 - Internal News Bulletin

This week's internal newsletter provides updates on activities carried out by WP4, WP5 & WP6. Topics covered include an update of the ongoing work for each WP, upcoming events, Deliverables and progress on Science Demonstrators.

WP4 - Science Demonstrators

  • Last monthly WP4 meeting held on April 18.
  • Science Demonstrator monthly updates described in the respective text file in the ESOSCpilot repository.
  • 4 months reports from third phase Science Demonstratorsasked for and collected until end of April.
  • Second phase Science Demonstrators Life Science Data sets, Lofar Data and PROMINECE asked for a 3 months prolongationuntil Sep 30, 2018, without additional funding. But 1 additional PM per SD needed for shepherding.
  • 1 page high level report for dissemination purposes asked per finished or finishing Science Demonstrator.
  • Recommendations from Science Demonstrators for HLEG interim report. Silvana asked to have the 3 recommendations received so far from Science Demonstrators to be presented at the EOSC summit. Silvana was asked to send her version before final submission to the EC this week.
  • SD Bioimaging / Jean-Karim Heriche willing to be interviewed by the EC on "Estimate the costs and benefits of FAIR research data" and "Provide recommendations on the next steps for making research data FAIR".
  • Next WP4 meeting on May 16.

WP5 - Services

  • WP5 meeting held on 11.4. Doodle for next WP5 (with WP6) meeting is out. Planned next week.
  • Preparations for WP5/WP6 AMS meeting in coop. with WP8. Web site is on-line. (Please notify interested persons). 13 people registered ( Monday 29.4)
  • Progress on D5.3 deliverable.New draft based on input from 'Implementation Roadmap'.
  • Work on Terminology/Glossary is progressing. First results during AMS workshop.
  • Handover of Task 5.1 Lead to Nuno Ferreira
  • Science Demonstrators:
    • VisualMedia - Extended the authentication framework. Working on the back-end to upload media data and layout.
    • VisIVO - First data releases of the Galactic Plane are deployed on EGI Data Resources (~400GB). Created a new Virtual Appliance containing the required GDL software that will be used in the VisIVO Science Demonstrator. The ViaLactea Science Gateway has been upgraded to gUSE latest version 3.7.5.
    • EPOS/VERCE - The VERCE portal now supports the EGI AAI Check-In service (using the OIDC protocol) Minor issues with the creation of VM in the EGI FedCloud infrastructure to be fixed.
    • CryoEM - Created a validator of the JSON file to be submitted to the EMDB. The EMDB has already produced a python script that we can use to submit the workflow description.
    • LOFAR - Implement imaging step and data staging step in CWL. Investigate FAIR services for LOFAR.
    • PanCancer - Upgrading the Onedata provider (v18.x) available at EMBL-EBI to address some scalability issues.

WP6 - EOSC Interoperability

  • Preparation of the "Topical progress workshop on architecture and federated service management in EOSC”.
    Here we are going to discuss directly how best to approach the task to produce a consistent and complete architecture outline for the EOSC, covering the aspects of services and of e-infrastructures.
    Unfortunately, so far only few colleagues have signed up for the meeting, especially WP6 would need stronger participation. We thus encourage colleagues to come forward and to engage in the discussion — preferably at the workshop, but also in the discussions we have via teleconf.
  • WP6 is preparing the "Interim Interoperability Testbed report” (D6.5). Some delay of this document, which was due end of April, is caused by difficulties to gather necessary input from contributors.
    Nevertheless, a draft is ready and we hope to finalise this deliverable within the coming weeks.
  • Working with WP8 on a condensed and easy-to-read digest of the gap analysis, which should then be included in the EOSCpilot webpage.