Interoperability in practice and FAIR data principles

28 Nov 2017

Interoperability in practice and FAIR data principles

Chair Name and Organisation


Focus of the session

  1. How can we invite, motivate, and support those areas in which the FAIR principle is not fully implemented yet?
  2. What are the major challenges for research infrastructures to be part of an EOSC architecture?
  3. How does the connection of e-infrastructures in the EOSC context correlate with similar efforts on the national level?

Description of the session

The success of the EOSC will rely strongly on the ability to interconnect data and infrastructures on the European level, because these will be the backbone behind the services offered to the research community. For interoperability of data the usefulness of the FAIR principle is widely accepted, still open access by-default is far from being in place in all relevant communities. The aim of the EOSCpilot and of this discussion is to point out critical aspects in this context and to point to solutions to put the FAIR principle at work.


E-infrastructures face as well technical and economic challenges on interoperability. These have to be overcome in order to provide an efficient EOSC architecture. Some solutions are in place in some domains, but these have to be expanded to the cross-disciplinary and/or international level.
We will tackle these questions in two discussion rounds with expert panelists in the field of data sharing and e-infrastructure providers.


Participants will be given the opportunity to learn about the main results obtained to date on data and e-infrastructure interoperability within the framework of the EOSCpilot project.  The session will also provide occasion to interact and discuss with other experts on the way towards a FAIR principle driven EOSC architecture, capable of integrating the wide variety of e-infrastructures necessary to serve the diverse landscape of European research infrastructures.

Keywords of the session
Interoperability; cross-disciplinary; data sharing; FAIR principle; e-infrastructures


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