Reducing Infrastructure and Service Fragmentation

28 Nov 2017

Reducing Infrastructure and Service Fragmentation

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Description of the session

The objective of this session is to investigate the challenges being faced by the Science Demonstrators in making use of the emerging but currently fragmented EOSC service infrastructure. The science demonstrators range across the science disciplines and in the sale of their activities - running a few VMs to deliver a community service to processing 0.5PB of data across 1000VMs over 3 months. This activity has leveraged various cloud resources across Europe and around the world.


Focus of the session

  • What services have you used during your science demonstrator - which of these services was the easiest to use and which services the hardest to use?
  • How easy was it to obtain access to the services that you used and the capacity needed to undertake your work?
  • What would make the use of these fragmented services easier? Can you identify one area where better integration would have made the science demonstrator easier to run?
Keywords of the session
Ease of use, service capacity
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