Franco Niccolucci

28 Nov 2017

Franco Niccolucci

Franco Niccolucci
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Director of the VAST-LAB laboratory at PIN, Prato

Franco Niccolucci is the director of the VAST-LAB laboratory at PIN, Prato, Italy. With a background in Mathematics, he was a professor at the University of Florence until 2008 and then, until 2013, director of the Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center at the Cyprus Institute in Nicosia, Cyprus.

In the past, he coordinated several EU projects on digital applications to Cultural Heritage. Recently, he has been the coordinator of the ARIADNE EU project in the domain of digital archaeology, which created a registry of some 2.000.000 archaeological datasets. Currently, he is the coordinator of the EU-funded PARTHENOS project, a cluster of Research Infrastructures in the domains of Digital Humanities, Language Studies and Cultural Heritage, and is leading the development of DIGILAB, the digital platform for heritage science of the E-RIHS ESFRI project.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 12:00
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