Shape the advisory stakeholder forum

29 Nov 2017

Shape the advisory stakeholder forum

Chair Name and Organisation




Description of the session
This session will provide delegates with the opportunity to contribute to discussion about an Advisory Stakeholder Forum as part of the EOSC governance model, considering the role such a forum should play as part of the governance:  what responsibilities should it have, how to ensure it is effective, what membership should it have and how should the membership be selected?

The session will focus on the role an Advisory Forum should play in the EOSC governance structure, whilst also examining contributions of stakeholder groups and membership. The panel will investigate the relationship between the Advisory Forum and the governing bodies of EOSC.


Focus of the session

 - What do you believe must be the key responsibilities of an EOSC Advisory Stakeholder body in order for it to play an effective role in governance of the EOSC?
 - What are the necessary factors for ensuring the effectiveness of an EOSC Advisory Stakeholder body?
 - How should the membership of an EOSC Advisory Stakeholder body be constituted and how should members be selected?


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