Stakeholders' view on the EOSC Service Architecture

29 Nov 2017

Stakeholders' view on the EOSC Service Architecture

Chair Name and Organisation
Donatella Castelli, CNR


Panellists Names and Organisation

Description of the session

According to the EOSC Declaration,

EOSC will be developed as a data infrastructure commons serving the needs of scientists. It should provide both common functions and localised services delegated to community level. EOSC will federate existing resources across national data centres, European e-infrastructures and research infrastructures; service provision will be based on local-to-central subsidiarity (e.g. national and disciplinary nodes connected to nodes of pan-European level); it will top-up mature capacity through the acquisition of resources at pan-European level by EOSC operators, to serve a wider number of researchers in Europe. Users should contribute to define the main common functionalities needed by their own community.

In addition, EOSC will be federated on the basis of objective criteria, agreed by stakeholder-driven governance, such as organisational readiness and technical capacity to deliver EOSC main functionalities.


Building on these principles and recognizing the multiplicity of actors that EOSC is expected to serve in order to implement a sustainable solution to Open Science,  the session provides an opportunity for discussing these aspects. Input provided during the session will be instrumental to define the first EOSC service architecture and the EOSC service provisioning organization to be produced by EOSCpilot starting from December 2017.

This session is intended for prospective EOSC providers of resources and services relevant to the support of the whole research lifecyle like digital artefacts (e.g. research datasets, data products, publications, applications, pipelines, software), baseline and community-specific services.


Focus of the session

  1. What are the services that EOSC should provide to enable the transition to Open Science?
  2. What services should be delivered to facilitate resource providers in their participation to EOSC?
  3. What are the services and processes that EOSC should deliver to ensure federated provisioning across multiple suppliers?


Keywords of the session


System-of-systems; open science friendly services; service providers; service consumers; service managers