Tiziana Ferrari

22 Nov 2018

Tiziana Ferrari

Tiziana Ferrari
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Technical Director, EGI Foundation

Tiziana is Technical Director at the EGI Foundation since October 2013 and Technical Coordinator of the H2020 EGI flagship project funded by the EC: EGI-Engage. She was responsible for the direction of the EGI-InSPIRE project and was former Chief Operations Officer taking care of the operations coordination of EGI. She is a promoter of the Open Science Commons and participated in the definition of the EGI governance and service portfolio in the framework of the EGI_DS project. She has been involved in grid operations since 2007 contributing to the coordination of operations for the Italian Grid infrastructure. Tiziana holds a PhD in Electronics and Data Communications Engineering from the Universita’ degli Studi in Bologna.





Thursday, November 22, 2018 - 11:00 - EOSC services meet the communities: a discussion on the priorities for service providers from the users’ perspective​ - Chair

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