Carole Goble

28 Nov 2017

Carole Goble

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University of Manchester

Carole co-run MyGrid, a sub-group of Information Management Group which focuses on data intensive e-Science. The group, established in 2001, ranges from theory to practice, translating state of the art techniques in semantic web, distributed computing, data management and social computing into software and resources widely used by scientists from many different communities. The team is made up of scientific informaticians, computer science researchers and software engineers. The group collaborates with scientists world-wide, from many disciplines: Life Sciences, Biodiversity, Astronomy, Chemistry, Health informatics, Social Science and Digital Libraries.

In 2010, Carole co-founded the Software Sustainability Institute. From 2014, she's deputy director at EU ESFRI ELIXIR UK Node.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 16:30
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