EOSCpilot Insider #10 - Internal News Bulletin

10 May 2018

EOSCpilot Insider #10 - Internal News Bulletin

This week's internal newsletter provides updates on activities carried out by WP3, WP7 & WP8. Topics covered include an update of the ongoing work for each WP, Deliverables, progress on FAQs, website updates and upcoming events.

WP3 - Policy

  • T3.1: efforts have been focussed on D3.3 which is very close to completion and will go for review today. The main D3.3 Deliverable contains summaries of the work in each subtask, and the corresponding draft policy recommendations.
    Four supporting White Papers contain the full information of the work conducted in each area and the argumentation leading to the draft recommendations. The final T3.1 deliverable (D3.6 – Final Policy Recommendations) is due in October. A plan for the work to produce this has been drafted and discussed. The work will consist mainly of a written survey to gather input validating (or otherwise) the draft policy recommendations, with attendance at (currently) two face to face meetings planned as a way of advertising/socialising the survey and gathering some direct input. The possibility of scheduling VCs dedicated to specific issues arising is reserved for future consideration.
  • T3.2: work is continuing by ARC and Jisc to prepare the Open Science Policy Toolkit (D3.5) for end of June. Please note that this is the revised timing, still presumably to be agreed with the GA and the EC.
  • FAQs: suggested questions have been submitted to WP8.
  • A WP3 face to face meeting was held on 18 April. T3.1 continues to hold weekly meetings for the time being. With the completion of D3.3, and only two partners involved in the remaining work in T3.2, the WP3 meetings schedule may be revised.
  • WP3 has a presentation slot at the WP5-6 joint workshop in May, to discuss the D3.3 draft policy recommendations and encourage participation in our follow-up survey. WP3 will also take part in the LIBER workshop and round table in Lille on 4 July.
  • Efforts continue to reallocate resources amongst the partners in WP3, with the benefit of the Year 1 financial figures. A review of the remaining resource available to some of the WP3 partners following the completion of D3.3 would also be instructive, to determine how much resource remains for the next phase of work.

WP7 - Skills

  • WP7 has continued work on the development of D7.3; reviewers for the deliverable have been approached.
  • KIT has progressed work on the delivery of the vGridKA summer school.
  • WP7 has continued liaison with WP5 on service definitions and their applicability to training.
  • WP7 has planned further webinars: one on the skills framework (post D7.3), another on FAIR metadata for interoperability (as part of GridKA) and are considering one on ethics issues, whilst monitoring WP3 efforts in this area.
  • WP7 has continued joint planning with EOSC-Hub on training delivery and provided input to the wider discussions between EOSCPilot and other projects being led by WP1.
  • WP7 has planned its input to the joint WP5/6 workshop.

WP8 - Engagement and Communication