EPOS/VERCE Virtual Earthquake and Computational Earth Science e-science environment in Europe

SD ID: EPOS/VERCE Virtual Earthquake and Computational Earth Science e-science environment in Europe

Organisations & Contacts:

Andreas Rietbrock, University of Liverpool

Alessandro Spinuso, KNMI

André Gemünd, Fraunhofer SCAI

Giuseppe La Rocca, EGI Foundation

Michael Schuh, DESY

OVERVIEW:  The pilot aims to produce data products such as: simulated seismic waveform images, wave propagation videos, 3D volumetric meshes, sharable KMZ packages and parametric results to address the research needs and institutional requirements.


  • Readiness for FedCloud integration
  • Post-processing workflows on Cloud resources to be available
  • Integration of B2STAGE between HPC/Cloud.
  • Resources and self-managed iRODS instance completed.
  • Improvement of the provenance model and associated reproducibility and validation services done.
  • First test with large data post-processing and concurrent users successful realized on the Cloud

IMPACT: Simulations and raw-data staging workflows should be organised efficiently with the support of generic mechanisms to control data-reduction and transfers between HPC, data-intensive Clouds at runtime and intermediate storage sites, rapidly freeing expensive HPC storage, decreasing unnecessary idle time and accelerating delivery. Reusable workflows and deployment templates combine heterogeneous computations, taking advantage of their proximity to the storage sites.

We will evaluate the distributed deployment of the VERCE data management layer, through the adoption of the EOSC and the e-infrastructure (B2STAGE, B2SHARE, FedCloud). Similar challenges will affect the Volcanological studies community, whose main EPOS representatives have been already approached. Provenance aspects are moreover scalable to communities within and beyond EPOS. We will demonstrate how our approach favours the effective application of the FAIR principles.

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