Social Sciences and Humanities: VisualMedia: a service for sharing and visualizing visual media files on the web

SD ID: VisualMedia: a service for sharing and visualizing visual media files on the web

Organisations & contacts
Roberto Scopigno, ISTI-CNR, Visual Computing Lab
Carlo Meghini, ISTI-CNR, Nemis Lab
Franco Niccolucci and Achille Felicetti, PIN
Sara di Giorgio, MIBACT – ICCU


OVERVIEW: Visual aspects are of paramount importance for Cultural Heritage (CH) research, and 3D models are also playing an important role in CH research and management.
The science demonstrator provides researchers with a system to publish on the web, visualize and analyze images and 3D models in a common workspace, enabling sharing, interoperability and reuse.


  • web publications and visualization of high-resolution images and 3D models module
  • thumbnail-based browsing interface
  • customization of presentation through the selection of different browsing systems for 3D models
  • metadata enrichment based on automatic processing of related documentation


  • visual (2D and 3D) data visualization improvement
  • collaborative research increase
  • educate CH researchers in moving towards the incorporation of virtual research environments in research methodology and experience use of cooperative visualization


  • Findability and Accessibility: metadata enrichment enables better findability
  • Interoperability and Integration: different visual data formats transformation in the same one to allow analysis and comparisons
  • Reusability: enabled by integration and joint presentation


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