Astro Sciences: VisIVO: Data Knowledge Visual Analytics Framework for Astrophysics

SD ID: VisIVO: Data Knowledge Visual Analytics Framework for Astrophysics

Organisations & contacts
Alessandro Costa, Ugo Becciani, Eva Sciacca, Fabio Vitello, INAF - Catania
Sergio Molinari, IAPS/INAF


OVERVIEW:  The Astrophysical community has set up a new suite of cutting-edge Milky Way surveys that provide a homogeneous coverage of the entire Galactic Plane and that have already started to transform the view of our Galaxy as a global star formation engine. New instruments have delivered information of unprecedented depth and spatial detail spanning the electromagnetic spectrum. The proposed approach is the integration in the EOSCpilot e-infrastructure of a visual analytics environment based on VisIVO (Visualization Interface for the Virtual Observatory) and its module VLVA (ViaLactea Visual Analytics).


  • publishing a data analysis and visualization environment fully integrated with a relevant set of astrophysical datasets


  • catalogues expose rich set of metadata
  • catalogues include compact sources, filaments etc. that can be searched by specifying the object identifier


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