Governance and Sustainability of EOSC

22 Dec 2017

Governance and Sustainability of EOSC

In this video interview, Matthew Dovey, Head of eInfrastructure strategy at Jisc, talks about the Governance of the European Open Science Cloud.


EOSCpilot is developing a proposal for a lightweight but effective governance framework for the EOSC which puts the research communities and the researchers in the driving seat, whilst enabling national decision makers to prioritize the strategic objectives based on this strong steer.” He continues, “A key component of this is a stakeholder forum in which the stakeholder groups involved in supplying to and using the EOSC will engage in further developing what EOSC needs, in order to deliver and provide feedback on how it is performing”.


The video was recorded at the first EOSC Stakeholder Forum, organised by EOSCpilot in The Square, Brussels, on 28-29 November 2017.


Video created and edited by LIBER Europe.