Draft Governance Framework For the European Open Science Cloud

EOSCpilot has drafted a first governance framework to be discussed and further improved with the involvement of research communities research institutions, research infrastructures and research funding bodies to shape and oversee future development of the EOSC.

The draft framework takes into considerations:

  1. Strategic Requirements from a series of document including, the European Open Science Cloud Initiative Communication (19th April 2016,), the First HLEG Report (11th October 2016), the Report on the governance and financial schemes for the European Open Science Cloud (May 2017) and the EOSC Declaration (24th October 2017).
  2. Stakeholder Requirements coming from the engagement activities carried out in the first year of the EOSCpilot project.

The draft framework outlines:

  • A three-layer governance model consisting of Strategic, Executive and Steering layers.
  • A resource model for the EOSC, and a skeleton outline of the Executive layer’s role in commissioning and supporting the EOSC resources.
  • A Decision Flow model between the Strategic, Executive and Steering layer.
  • An outline of the role and structure of the Steering layer in the form of Stakeholder Forums.