CNRS-LAPP (France) sets the scene for the annual ASTERICS - OBELICS International Summer School 4- 8 June 2018

CNRS-LAPP (France) sets the scene for the annual ASTERICS - OBELICS International Summer School 4- 8 June 2018
01 Jun 2018

CNRS-LAPP (France) sets the scene for the annual ASTERICS - OBELICS International Summer School 4- 8 June 2018

01 June 2018

Talking Python!

The Asterics - Obelics International Summer School, dedicated to machine learning and python programming for astrophysics & astroparticle physics - in its second edition this year - gathers PhD students, postdocs, senior researchers from all over Europe - from beyond Europe, from Kenya and Morocco - and is especially intended for a broad audience from this domain.

Almost all the participants to the school are working in the variety of astronomy and astroparticle physics research projects such as CTA, Gravitation Waves - VIRGO, HESS, LSST, ESO, VLBI etc.

The five days’ programme, will constitute stimulating theoretical lessons with plenty of hands-on sessions to enhance, practical computer programming techniques and skills for improving scientific data analysis software.

The programme will be articulated in five different modules:

  1. Efficient code design
  2. Project Management
  3. Python libraries for science
  4. Python library for astrophysics & astroparticle
  5. Machine learning & statistics: connection scientific data with probabilistic models.

A keynote on “Scientific Software: Art, Engineering, or Science?” will be delivered by Dr Robert Lupton, senior research astronomer, Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University, US.

The full programme of the Summer International School is categorized in following five modules

Efficient code design:
* Jupyter notebook, Python IDE
* Good code practice
* Python docstring
* Unit, functional, and integration testing

Project management:
* Git
* Continuous integration
* Class, module & package in Python
* Debugging & profiling

Python libraries for science:
* Numpy & Pandas
* SciPy
* Matplotlib

Python library for astrophysics & astroparticle:
* PyVO
* Astropy

Machine learning & statistics: connecting scientific data with probabilistic models:
* Probabilistic foundations of machine learning
* Practical introduction to unsupervised and supervised learning
* Use of scikit-learn and tensorflow in scientific applications

The event is organised in the framework of the Observatory E-environments LINked by common ChallengeS OBELICS - work package of the ASTERICS project led by CNRS-LAPP and will take place in the Particle Physics Laboratory of Annecy (LAPP) in the city of Annecy, France.   

OBELICS activities aim at encouraging common developments and adoption of common solutions for data processing, archive, analysis and access among ESFRI and world class projects win Astronomy and Astroparticle Physics, such as  CTA, SKA, KM3NeT, EUCLID, EGO-VIRGO, E-ELT and LSST.

For further information, related to Asterics-Obelics and the Summer School, use the website of the event and the project and join our Linkedin group at & follow us on Twitter at H2020-Astronomy ESFRI and Research Infrastructure Cluster (ASTERICS)