22 Feb


Enterprises are important contributors and users of the EOSC

The EOSCpilot project engaged with Enterprises in order to support industrial development, strengthen Europe’s competitiveness in the sector, share research and results with industry, and involve them in the process of building the EOSC.


What has EOSCpilot delivered to this stakeholder group?

Industry stakeholder workshops gave this group the opportunity to identify the needs of Enterprises and exchange ideas regarding the EOSC and collaboration between Industry and Academia. The conclusion of the discussion was that:

  • Customers should be at the center of any collaboration between Industry and Academia;
  • Data flow must be complemented with trust between collaborating parties. Again, technical, organizational and legal structures must be deployed in order to facilitate the cultivation of such trust; 
  • Specific fora and open innovation platforms must be established in order to facilitate collaboration between Industry and Academia;
  • Data and digital skills are a precondition for the production of value and the support of open science policies for Academia and the Industry; 
  • Financial tools that blend Academia with Industry need to be developed in order to provide open science services with the necessary means to scale up and compete at a global scale;
  • Comprehensive Intellectual Property schemes need to be developed so that open science and industrial (particularly patent) policies may be reconciled with patent and IP exploitation policies. 

The EOSCpilot project laid the foundations of partnership between Industry and Academia. Furthermore, it supported the process of gathering business requirements for the EOSC from fields like legislation and regulation, accounting and valuation, data protection, taxation and data governance. The project also provided Industry stakeholders with the opportunity to access and participate in the requirements and specification phases of the project.


How did this stakeholder group contribute to the EOSCpilot project?

Enterprises helped validate the EOSCpilot project results and outputs, and gave feedback on the final development needs of the EOSC. In addition, Enterprises helped to compare state-of-the-art in the public and private domains and force EOSCpilot results to have a significant impact in technological advancement and to the society.


How will this stakeholder group benefit from EOSC

EOSC can provide a great number of benefits to Enterprises:

  • Access to Open Science data, publications and software
  • Facilitated knowledge and technical skills transfer
  • New business opportunities
  • Creation of new ideas, business plans, on top of open data and services
  • Access to a meeting point for synergies, in cooperation with other business initiatives
  • Opportunities, for infrastructure builders, to contribute to a new project
  • Participation in the requirements and specification phases of EOSC
  • Increased collaboration with Academia and other researchers


How can this stakeholder group engage with EOSC in the future?

The value proposition for Enterprises is the creation of a European-wide “hub” where providers, research infrastructure, e-infrastructures will be providing open data and services to European stakeholders. In this framework, Industry will play a key role in adding value to this “hub” and their vision and ideas will be taken into account in the creation of the hub which would be beneficial for the broader range of the EOSC stakeholders.