22 Feb


Enterprises are welcome to contribute and use the EOSC!

Enterprises relate to the EOSC in multiple ways. EOSC’s target group is categorized into a wide range of categories such as Small and Medium sized (SMEs), large enterprises, dynamic European start-ups and entrepreneurs-to-be, researchers, developers, deployers, providers, distributors, etc., Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), etc.. Additionally, many sectors can benefit or contribute to the EOSC: healthcare, adtech, fintech, real estate, transportation, energy, manufacturing, education, food and beverages, retail, marketing, CRM, HR, privacy & security, finance and legal issues, analytics, etc..

Specifically, the EOSCpilot project is engaging with enterprises with the aim of supporting the industrial development, strengthening Europe’s competitiveness in the sector and spreading to the industry the research and other results. Furthermore, industry can play a significant role in the validation of the EOSCpilot project results and outputs and provide a direct feedback on the needs for final development of the EOSC. In addition, enterprises can compare state-of-the-art in the public and private domains and force EOSCpilot results to have a significant impact in technological advancement and to the society.

The EOSC benefits for Enterprises

  • Access to Open Science data, publications and software
  • Facilitated knowledge and technical skills transfer
  • New business opportunities
  • Creation of new ideas, business plans, on top of open data and services
  • Access to a meeting point for synergies, in cooperation with other business initiatives
  • An occasion, for infrastructure builders, to contribute to a new project
  • Participation in the requirements and specification phases of EOSC
  • Increased collaboration with Academia and other researchers

Culminating, the value proposition for enterprises is the creation of a European-wide “hub” where providers, research infrastructure, e-infrastructures will be providing open data and services to European stakeholders. In this framework, industry will play a key role in adding value to this “hub” and their vision and ideas will be taken into account in the creation of the hub which would be beneficial for the broader range of the EOSC stakeholders.

EOSCpilot's contributions

  • Organisation of 4 Industry workshops with European companies
  • Set the basis for an alliance
  • Gather business requirements from fields like legislation and regulation, accounting and valuation, data protection, taxation and data governance
  • Access and participate in the requirements and specification phases

You work for an Enterprise? Here are ways to learn more about the EOSC and contribute to its shaping.