ENVRI Radiative Forcing Integration

SD ID: ENVRI Radiative Forcing Integration

Organisations & Contacts:

Werner Kutsch, Alex Vermeulen, ICOS ERIC

Ari Asmi, ENVRIplus, Paolo Laj, ACTRIS

Stefan Kindermann, IS-ENES2 (DKRZ)

Sylvie Joussaume, Sébastien Denvil, IS-ENES2 (IPSL)


OVERVIEW: The environment provides many challenges around data management - both in terms of data size, data diversity and data distribution. The “ENVRI Radiative Forcing Integration” science demonstrator focuses on the integration of data/services between the “edges” of Environmental Research Infrastructures:



  • Focus on dynamics of greenhouse gases, aerosols and clouds and their role in radiative forcing,
  • Interoperability between observations and climate modeling,
  • Cooperation between environmental research infrastructures


  • Improvement of data integration services based on metadata ontologies,
  • Model-data integration by use of HPC,
  • Petascale data movement,
  • Innovative services to compile and compare model output from different sources, especially on semi-automatic spatiotemporal scale conversion


  • Findability: Metadata ontologies matching between NETCDF-CF and in-situ metadata, data quality indicators.
  • Accessibility: Automated access routines between the RI repositories. For fully open data, this is not immediately problematic, but might require analysis on needed resources and APIs.
  • Interoperability: APIs, service integration, large data transfers, where to do processing (how to document?)
  • Reusability: Citing and persistently identifying scale-changed data-sets? How to transfer knowledge of data versions used.


  • MATURITY: All participating RIs have existing data systems, and their “act together”
  • INTERDICIPLINARITY: The case provides direct interdisciplinary activity (even though inside the environmental domain)
  • SYNERGY: This action directly uses the connections and needs of the existing RI actions within the cluster project ENVRIplus
  • ENGAGING COMMUNITY: The case is actually useful for the scientist (and RIs) in the field! It is not just a demonstrator!

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