EOSC for Researchers

Jul 28 2018

EOSC has the potential to be a game changer in opening up access to research and setting an example for the shift towards Open Science in Europe. The development of EOSC has until now mostly focused on the technical infrastructure and service provision and has thus involved mostly infrastructure and service stakeholders. (Early-career and senior) researchers themselves will ultimately be content producers and content users of EOSC and as such need to be consulted as early as possible in the development process of EOSC. It is thus crucial that: (1) (Early-career and senior) researchers are informed of the architecture, goals, and benefits of EOSC (2) (Early-career and senior) researchers are trained and supported in the eventual use of EOSC (3) Data stewards are trained and employed at institutions to be able to train and support (early-career and senior) researchers (4) EOSC is developed in an open manner and implemented according to FAIR principles (5) Representatives of (early-career and senior) researchers are actively involved in the development, implementation, and governance of EOSC and are members of the advisory body of EOSC (6) There is an adequate budget set aside for realising these recommendations for EOSC. Comment on behalf of the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers (Eurodoc) [http://eurodoc.net].