Service Providers

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EOSC-hub Requirements and Recommendations on RoPs for EOSC Service Providers

The EINFRA-12 EOSC-hub consortium prepared a set of requirements and recommendations focusing on the Rules of Participation for EOSC Service Providers. Such requirements and recommendations  leverage the experience of tens of e-Infrastructures and Research Infrastructures, and they will be piloted in a production environment by applying them to the services in the European Open Science Cloud EOSC-hub catalogue to be considered production, be exposed to the users, and to be integrated with the EOSC-hub operations infrastructure.

FAIRness and Reproducibility

Service Providers should ensure openness and transparency in their data policies and means and mechanisms to menage content. Such means and mechanisms are essential to support a research ecosystem that fosters replication and reproducibility, all characteristics of the research lifecycle that are at the core of Open Science.


Service Providers should be transparent about the data management mechanisms they use to store-process-publish content. It is therefore important that they:

  • must publicly disclose details on what data about users is collected and how the user statistics is tracked, managed and used for service improvement.
  • must publicly indicate if they offer the mechanisms to apply data protection rules according to the General Data Protection Regulation, especially in terms of Data Protection by Design and Data Protection by default, using relevant shields and information.

Quality of service

EOSC will build on services provided by many organisations. Users must be able to make informed choices based on quality, performance and capacity. It is therefore extremely important to build trust with users.

Service providers should adhere to the quality guidelines that are being developed within EOSC.

Services that provide “Excellence-based access” should operate with transparent expert peer-review.