FAIRness and Reproducibility

Jul 27 2018

Service Providers should ensure openness and transparency in their data policies and means and mechanisms to menage content. Such means and mechanisms are essential to support a research ecosystem that fosters replication and reproducibility, all characteristics of the research lifecycle that are at the core of Open Science.

It is therefore important that they:

  1. must publicly indicate if they provide users with the means, and list them, to apply FAIR principles to research data.
  2. must publicly indicate if they offer the mechanisms, and list them, to ensure sustainability, openness and interoperability of data
  3. must publicly indicate in which formats data can be exported after storage and processing, and ensure graceful "exit strategies" for users that intend to adopt different services in the future
  4. must publish clear and comprehensive data policies and terms of use, and indicate (if any) constraints that might impede