Survey: Governance Model and Decision Flows

The EOSCPilot Governance Framework proposes a three-layer governance model based on that in the EOSC Declaration. Users (Consumers), Providers and Intermediaries of EOSC Resources would be represented in the Steering layer; Funders and Decision Makers in the Strategic Layer, and the Executive layer would have responsibility for ensuring the EOSC met the user and strategic requirements.


Governance Model and Decision Flows

In terms of decision flow, the Steering layer would allow the stakeholders to determine the requirements, policies and principles of engagement, and make proposals on how these could be met to the Strategic Layer.

The Strategic layer would review, agree and prioritise these proposals and requirements to form the strategic vision and objectives of the EOSC.

The Executive layer would be responsible for ensuring that the EOSC meets this vision and these objectives by: commissioning Core resource as required; commissioning new Supported resources as required; ensuring that Supported services are properly compensated; and ensuring that the resources within EOSC are both compliant and meet the strategic objectives.

Annex A outlines some delivery models for how the Executive layer might commission and support the Core and Supported resources.

The Steering layer would also communicate to the Executive at how well the EOSC is meeting their requirements at an operational level, and the Executive would report this against the strategic objective to the Strategic layer.