3 Major Updates to EOSC Policy-Supporting Services

3 Major Updates to EOSC Policy-Supporting Services
16 May 2019

3 Major Updates to EOSC Policy-Supporting Services

16 May 2019

EOSCpilot has recently published updates to the 3 EOSC Policy Supporting Services it developed earlier in the project. 

These updates were delivered through the EOSCpilot report Deliverable 3.7 Updates to Policy-Supporting Services (D3.7). In this report, the updates are shaped into an integrated vision for the EOSCpilot Policy Supporting Services, including the Open Science Monitor, Open Science Policy Registry and the Open Science Policy Toolkit.

Services in-sync

To ensure that clear connections are made with the EOSCpilot Final Policy Recommendations, a comprehensive mapping exercise has been conducted.

This exercise matched the Policy Recommendations and subsequent Implementing Actions with the Open Science Monitor and Policy Toolkit.

EOSC Open Science Monitor gets a boost

A set of use cases has been defined to specify options for implementing the Open Science Monitor in different configurations. These would essentially aggregate and analyse the Open Science Monitor data in different workflows, presenting differing insights to users.

Additionally, an assessment of relevant data entities included in the Policy Registry data model has been conducted to better identify which specific data entities are directly relevant for the Open Science Monitor.

Policy Registry supporting EOSC enriched

As part of the additional updates for the policy-supporting services, the EOSC Policy Registry’s data model has been extended to include a series of new data entities emerging from the EOSCpilot Final Policy Recommendations.

This report also presents a tentative implementation roadmap, highlighting specific interdependencies that must be considered as part of the service’s implementation.

New policy perspectives

A crucial limitation, as recognised by the authors, is that the service updates presented here only built on the EOSCpilot Policy Recommendations while other policy propositions have been developed by various bodies involved with the EOSC.

If the objective is, however, that the Policy Supporting Services shall eventually support these policy propositions in a more holistic manner (i.e. instead of focussing on only one of multiple propositions), then a greater degree of alignment as well as ongoing operationalisation will need to be achieved between them.

In an earlier EOSCpilot report, D3.2, the Open Science Monitoring conceptual model has been introduced, as depicted in the included figure. This model provides a high-level description of the core components of the Open Science Monitor. Its purpose is to provide both abstractions and specifications for monitoring certain elements. In the model depicted, the Open Science Monitoring targets can be found in the centre.

There is a direct link between policy recommendations, as these monitoring targets can be mapped with the EOSC Final Policy Recommendations from report D3.6.

EOSCpilot Deliverable 3.7 - The Open Science Monitoring conceptual model

Next steps

It is recommended that the task of breaking down high-level policy recommendations into more operational, implementable requirements and tasks should be realised by a specific committee or working group working under the auspices of the EOSC Executive Board.

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